Jul 24, 2015

Let me sing your voicemail message!

by Raina

in Miscellaneous

Haha. I started out as if I was writing an email. TO THE WORLD. Or maybe just the few people that will read this.

Anyway, I’m throwing a pet food party! My local humane society works together with the county in a Pet Pantry initiative, which provides small bags of cat and dog food to families who might have trouble feeding themselves, let alone their pets.

I’m collecting donations and pet food until July 31. So far people have generously donated the following:

  • 1 can of cat food
  • 1 can of dog food
  • 2 bags of dog food
  • 1 bag of cat food
  • $105 for more food

If you’d like to help, please do! Here are the details, along with the rewards:

$10 buys a 5-lb bag of dry dog or cat food.
$5 buys about 3 cans of canned dog or cat food.

I accept all donations via PayPal (raina.keefer@gmail.com). Or if you know me and see me regularly, bring food instead! AND, if you donate $10 in cash or pet food, choose one of the following as your reward:

1. Let me sing your voicemail. I’m no Taylor Swift, but I can carry a tune. I’ll provide you with an .mp3 file to use as your smartphone’s outgoing personal voicemail message. You can provide the text, or I can make it up with a basic sing-song message.
2. Let’s have a look at your LinkedIn profile. This is the ONLY OTHER THING I’m good at. I’ll do a quick editorial review and make suggestions for improvement.

Donate more than $10 in cash or pet food, and you may choose both rewards … if you want, but why wouldn’t you?

P.S. I’ve heard you bank a lot of karma by doing stuff like this.


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