That’s not me, but I like the hat. This is me. I believe the young people call this a “selfie.”


Hi, I’m Raina Keefer. Now you say hello.

Every writer has his or her own style and a character that shows itself in written form. Here, you can get an idea of my personality. You can also check out my blog, which details my adventures in wordsmithing as well as other stuff going on in my life and brain.


Writing has been my passion for decades, but since 2000, I’ve made it my profession. I’ve written for non-profits, entrepreneurs, and other organizations and have never missed a deadline.

The fine print: I’m an award-winning freelance writer and editor based in Northern Virginia. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication/journalism. I’ve completed a technical writing certificate program, so you’re covered there, too.

My advanced communication skills began with help from my mother, who let me converse with her friends instead of making me talk to kids my own age.

Writing Samples

Access selected writing samples here and through links below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply ask and ye shall receive. Additionally, I can easily provide client references. But I’ll tell you now: I’m pretty beloved.

Editing Samples

I like editing almost as much as writing. Some examples include:

Writing Awards

Random Facts That May Appeal to You


  • Washington Capitals fan, right here.
  • The average rate of speech is 2.5 words per second—one of the many facts I’ve learned in my writing career. Handy when drafting speeches.
  • Honey badgers do exist. And they’re ferocious.
  • I read … a lot. I know a book is good when the pages come to life, and I can visualize the dialogue and settings.
  • While “dialogue” and “dialog” are both correct, I prefer the former. It just looks better.
  • My favorite TV shows are written with wit and sarcasm and lean heavily on audience intelligence. Unfortunately, these shows are almost always canceled.
  • I’m especially inspired when discussing social media, healthcare, and medicine.
  • I love getting to know new people, and this job is a great way to do it.
  • I’m obsessed with the origins of words and phrases.